COMPASSION is our priority!  Your needs are unique and we want you to honor those needs on your mat!

Take rest, take water, take modifications, whatever you need to feel good is what we want you to experience.

Our practice rooms are gently warmed to a comfortable 82 degrees without any added humidity.

We are NOT a HOT yoga studio which in comparison is typically practiced in well over 100 degrees with added humidity.
Being in a cold room can stiffen muscles and we want to encourage ease of movement but without over heating.  

We believe heat should be generated from within to burn impurities and open pathways for healing.

We focus on teaching physical poses, called asanas that teach you how to move your body in new ways​​​​​.

We incorporate the ancient philosophy of yoga to release the ego, be present and compassionate.

Classes range from beginner to advanced and we have almost 60 scheduled classes a week to chose from!

We play good music to inspire movement!

We pride ourselves on hand selecting the most awesome, well-trained, down to earth, approachable teachers...
Choose one of our many different styles of classes to develop your flexibility, strength, and balance.

What is Yoga?
Yoga is essentially a way of life, an integrated means of synchronizing mind, spirit, and body to create a sense of connectedness.  This system and its implementation originated in India, thousands of years ago and is now practiced universally regardless of creed or religion.  Yoga is composed of physical exercises referred to in Sanskrit language as Asanas or postures, combined with breathing exercises and mindfulness of the breath. Practice of this ancient and respected system certainly helps in maintaining physical, mental and emotional health, one can be inducted here regardless of age or present physical condition. It can be done at one's own pace and there is no concept of competition with anybody else.

Why Practice Yoga?
Most students come back to yoga again and again, year after year, because it makes them feel so good. After a yoga class participants feel like they have had a great massage. Yoga is designed to promote health by balancing the nervous system, massaging the internal organs, releasing excess muscle tension, improving circulation of the blood and lymphatic system, calming the mind, and leaving participants relaxed and energized. Most students who make yoga a regular part of their life report that it has changed their life for the better.

New to Yoga?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class
Come to class with an empty stomach

Wear comfortable clothing

Be prepared to move and sweat
Please honor the silence of the studio before, during and after class
Please be considerate of others
We will do our best to start and end on time.​

Tips for Success:

We want you to enjoy your yoga practice and are here for you on your journey.

Don't worry about what other people think

Don't worry about how other people practice looks

Practice for yourself

Set an intention

Leave your ego at the door

Love yourself

Benefits of Yoga:

More energy
Improved sleep
Enhanced mood
Enhanced athletic endurance
Increased flexibility
Increased body awareness
Weight loss
A calmer quieter mind
Increased focus
Increased ability to handle stress
Decreased back pain
Better posture and balance
More Confidence​​​​​​​

Our Philosophy:

​​Let go of expectations​​​​​​​​​​​
Practice with intention
Be mindful of alignment
Go to your point of tension
find your edge, stay there, work there
Focus effort toward steadiness
Find controlled breath to calm and open the body and mind​
Enjoy personal exploration
Find freedom in movement
Let go of what does not serve you