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About Red Diamond Yoga

At Red Diamond Yoga, we value community and strive to create the most exceptional yoga experience possible through superior personal service and incredible high quality class instruction.The personal experience at Red Diamond Yoga is unlike any other yoga studio. Expect to be personally welcomed with a smile, given a studio tour and offered a complimentary manduka mat rental on your first visit. Our teachers are selected for their expertise and training in all aspects of yoga including anatomy, alignment, philosophy and the ability to connect with and hold space for their students journey on the mat. You will notice teachers available before and after class to answer questions and get to know your practice needs.

Yoga is an ancient practice that includes both the physical and psychological aspects of health and happiness. We take a modern approach to this practice, with classes appropriate for every level, ideal for seasoned yogis and newcomers alike. Our yoga classes take place in a space that is fresh and clean, and warmed to the perfect temperature, free from added humidity for maximum comfort and flexibility. Our yoga classes are designed so that students.Generate heat from within the body, opening the pathways to stimulate the body’s natural purification and healing, without excessive overheating.

Yoga Classes: An Extraordinary Experience

Our philosophy is that each of our students should have a powerfuld and transformational experience. Each yoga class should be beyond expectations, down to every detail. For the perfect space in which to regain flexibility, strength, balance, and alignment, we invite you to venture into a new type of yoga studio where you will experience a feeling of inclusion and supportsion and harmony, and where our teachers are dedicated to helping you explore your limitless potential inside and out.

About Yoga: Beyond the Physical

Our yoga classes guide students through physical postures that naturally align the body and open pathways for healing and purification. The challenges experienced in a yoga practice help to calm the mind, create a sense of focusand bring the practitioner to the present moment. Our teachers encourage the students to notice sensations, thoughts, and stay present throughout class. This helps create a long lasting connection to the unseen elements of life and to feel more aware and present. Our students experience improved quality of sleep, a more joyful daily life, enhanced endurance, flexibility, focus, as well as healthy weight loss. Issues such as back pain, emotional stress, and feelings of self-confidence can be greatly increased through the discipline ion our yoga classes. We honor yourYouhave individual goals, beliefs, and needs. The classes are geared to enhance your quality of life, both physically and spiritually.

The Healing power of Yoga

The many demands and responsibilities of modern life can be stressful. Now more than ever making time for self care, mindfulness and fitness is essential. The practice of yoga is both restorative and transformational. Our instructors are extraordinary in that each one has a deep, personal reason why they are involved in the practice of yoga, and has chosen to share their knowledge to help others experience the healing power -- physically and personally. Living in Los Angeles tends tobe stressful, busy, and burdensome. Achieving more strength, clarity, and focus, while easing the stress of everyday life can make every part of your existence more rewarding. The practice of yoga aims to remove impurities of both mind and body.

Yoga Classes: Strength Beyond the Physical

It is well-established that there is more to life than the physical. While it is important that we care for our bodies and keep them strong, flexible and healthy, the practice of yoga reveals deeper layers of the self so that we can explore a more meaningful and mindful journey through life. Practicing yoga asana certainly develops strength and power physically but with that comes a greater sense of peace, harmony, and engagement with the world at large, as well as in our inner lives. Whether you are hoping to become stronger, lose weight, regain a higher degree of physical flexibility, or are struggling with the stresses of life and need relief from a busy or anxious mind, our instructors are here to help you achieve your goals.

Connect with us, or drop by our studio and experience a different kind of yoga studio for yourself. We are here to serve you and to share our knowledge of this wonderful practice with you.

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