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Are you looking for a beautiful, clean, new studio space for an event? Red Diamond Yoga offers one of the top yoga studio rentals for a wide range of special events. Our 4,000 foot, three-room studio is centrally located in the Palms area of Los Angeles, at the southeast corner of Overland Avenue and Palms Blvd. Our facility provides far more amenities than many other studios, and offers a welcoming lobby area, men’s and women’s locker rooms, large bathrooms, and a shower and lounging area. Lockers and cubbies are available for guests or visitors to store their personal items.

Teacher Training

Red Diamond Yoga is a perfect place to host your next teacher training. We offer easy-to-use, built-in sound systems, blocks, straps, and mats for your convenience.


For special gatherings of like-minded people, the Red Diamond Yoga studio is spotless, fresh, and a perfect space to meet and mingle, offer demonstrations, for meditation, and other unique get-togethers.

Dance Rehearsals

Our studio is an ideal rehearsal space in which to rehearse for an upcoming performance. The three available studios are spacious and capable of accommodating larger groups with ease. With beautiful wood floors and an inviting, clean atmosphere, the studios can be used for a various type of dance rehearsals or studio performances.

Fitness Video Shoots

If you are planning to shoot a fitness video, the three studios at Red Diamond Yoga are the perfect environment. With plenty of room available for equipment and personnel, you won’t be hindered by lack of space or amenities.


The serene, contemplative atmosphere at Red Diamond Yoga is the perfect environment for group meditation and other spiritually-enhancing meetings and gatherings.


If you are planning a workshop and need a clean, fresh, appealing space, our studio has every amenity that will help to make your event a success. The studio spaces are big enough to accommodate a large number of people comfortably.


For meet-ups of any type, you want adequate space, a convenient location, large bathrooms, a greeting area, and other amenities. Our three large studio rooms are new, clean, and attractive, and can be a big factor in making your meetup a success.

Private Happenings

Are you planning a private get-together and looking for the ideal location? Red Diamond Yoga has three large studio spaces that can be made available for private happenings of all types.


For lecture presentations, our studio spaces create the perfect space for learning and the sharing of ideas. You have endless options in configuring the room to suit, as the studios’ spaces are large enough to accommodate small or large groups.

School Events

Does your school need a safe, convenient space for presentations, get-togethers, or meetings? Our three large studios can be the perfect space in which to present a wide range of school-based events, meetings, social gatherings, or presentations.

Red Diamond Yoga: Los Angeles Studio Rental

Whether you need a yoga studio for private classes, are planning a meeting, lecture, workshop, get-together, video shoot, or other event, our location and exceptional amenities can make planning easier. As the studios are new and perfectly maintained, there are no concerns about the quality and aesthetic appeal of the environment. The amenities our facility provides can suit a wide range of events and happenings:

  • Comfortable, inviting lobby area
  • Locker rooms for men and women
  • Spacious, clean bathrooms
  • Shower Area
  • Lounging areas
  • Three large studio spaces

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Red Diamond Yoga is centrally located and is easily accessible from the 10 Freeway, the 405, or locally via Venice Blvd. The Palms District is a unique neighborhood that is a pleasant location in which to hold any type of gathering, and Red Diamond Yoga is available for a wide range of events. Call us to learn more about studio rental.

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