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Red Diamond Yoga


Our yoga classes are sequenced with clear instruction and safety. Each class is designed to leave you feeling open, balanced, connected, and calm.
We play good music to inspire movement and flow!

Vinyasa Flow

Yoga Basics

This class is perfect for students new to yoga and anyone who wants to get back to basics! All Yoga Basics classes are designed to give you the time and support to understand the proper alignment of yoga asanas (postures). You will begin by focusing on the basics, but it does not stop there. In this class, you explore the physical poses and the awareness that builds as you practice them. Yoga Basics teachers are experts at helping you master form, understanding how to breathe, and helping you build confidence in the postures while exploring the wonders of yoga.

All Levels Flow

(includes Midday and Weekend Flow Classes)

This mixed levels Vinyasa class will offer something for everyone. Build strength, flexibility, and balance. Our teachers hold space for you to embark on an inner journey as you move through the postures you will find a deeper connection to yourself and practice letting go of what doesn’t serve you. You are encouraged to walk the line between effort and ease, it’s not a one-size-fits-all practice, feel free to modify!

Intermediate Flow

Intermediate yoga classes are designed to build on the foundations you learned in Yoga Basics classes. You will deepen your understanding of alignment, build strength, flexibility, and balance. Intermediate Flow classes are always exciting because in every class you learn and do something new. Our teachers hold space for you to embark on an inner journey as you move through the postures you will find a deeper connection to yourself and practice letting go of those things that don’t serve or enhance your life. We suggest taking at least a few beginner classes prior to participating in this class, so you have established a strong foundation.

Strong Flow

A little more challenging than an intermediate class, a Strong Flow class will get you moving! This class is designed to build heat, energize and strengthen the body. Poses are instructed with precise alignment and modifications are offered to help students practice within their ability level while pushing you further in your practice. Expect core work, twists, balancing postures, back bends, inversions, and breathwork to round out this deeply invigorating practice. Like all our classes, Strong Flow teachers offer precise instructions to give you the best possible experience both physically and mentally. Yoga experience is highly recommended.

Power Hour

This a power yoga style flow designed to build heat, energize and detoxify the body. Poses are instructed with precise alignment and modifications are offered to help students practice within their ability level. Expect core work, twists, balancing postures and breathwork to round out this invigorating practice. Some yoga experience recommended.

108 Sun Salutations

Yoga-Fitness Classes

Yoga Sculpt

This class complements your regular yoga practice while boosting your metabolism and pushing your strength and flexibility to new heights. A total body workout, Yoga Sculpt classes are set to energizing music and designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group. Free weights are included during a Vinyasa yoga sequence, creating resistance and intensifying the results achieved with each pose. Strength-training exercises such as squats, lunges, bicep and tricep curls are incorporated to build lean muscle mass. You will see visible results in your body. It is recommended that you are comfortable practicing at an Intermediate Flow level before taking a Yoga Sculpt class.

Restorative and Meditation

Yin Yoga

This restorative yoga class is designed to release tension and calm the nervous system. With the gentle support of props, students passively stretch and energize the deep connective tissues of the body, open the joints, and restore alignment. Practiced primarily on the floor, Yin Yoga complements a more active (Yang) practice through improving flexibility, ease, and balance. The passive physical exploration of Yin Yoga helps to release tension and is also beneficial for those recovering from injury or trauma. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of deep relaxation.

Dynamic Deep Stretch

This class is designed to release tension, align, and create space in the whole body. A slow but deep practice targeting chronically tight areas such as shoulders, back, hips, hamstrings and quads. Deep Stretch is an accessible class that everyone needs – athletes, advanced practitioners, weekend warriors, first time yoga students, and everyone in between. Tight muscles can cause imbalance and pull the body out of alignment which can lead to injuries or chronic pain. Recommended for first time yogis, people who spend hours sitting at work, are heavily involved in weight training, endurance sports, and repetitive motion sports.


Breathwork is a meditation practice that allows you to connect directly with “Prana” or “Chi”, the life force that breathes and animates you. You are then able to shift from your 'fight-or-flight' sympathetic nervous system, and activate your 'rest-and-digest' parasympathetic nervous system, where all grounding, calming, and healing takes place. By relaxing the body and calming the mind, you are able to commune with the "Universal Energy Flow", have it flow through you, raise your vibration, unblock stuck energy and in the process help you find inner peace and clarity. And all you have to do is BREATHE!

Sound Bath

Bringing sound healing to the community, creating spaces where people can come to relax, re-balance, and re-energize themselves so that they may live to their highest creative potential. Using gongs, crystal singing bowls, ocean drums and many other instruments, this Sound Bath produces a wonderful meditative experience unlike any other, leaving you with a sense of calmness, clarity, inspiration, and inner peace. Bring some blankets, pillows, eye pillows, loose warm clothes, crystals, yoga mat and anything else to help you be as comfortable as possible. Then lay down, relax for an hour and just let the sounds wash over you.

Acupuncture and Meditation

Acupuncture and Meditation build on each other and the EFFECTS are SYNERGISTIC as you create body memory in a deep and powerful way.
This synergy translates to a deeper experience that gets stored away in your body memory and can be accessed at your next meditation and further signaled with breathing techniques taught in class. Acupuncture needles are placed in specific points of your ear at the start of class to access energy along the body's meridians. Then, you are guided through a meditation to build focus and enhance relaxation.

Silent Ear

In silence, come sit and receive acupuncture in your ears. Stay as long as you need and raise your hand when you are done. Think of it as group therapy with non-verbal communication as you join only in presence and commonality to de-stress and recharge. The acupuncture points used in this practice increase parasympathetic nerve activity, in other words, enhance relaxation and create a balance of the whole body while releasing the potential for joy, letting go of sadness, fear, and anger. Come as often as you need: weekly or biweekly to enhance your own journey whether it’s stress or pain management, or working to strengthen your mental and emotional health.


Introduction to Iyengar Yoga

This is a 4-week introduction to Iyengar Yoga designed to provide a general understanding of common yoga poses (asanas) and their most important actions. You will learn how to use porps and modify the poses to enhance your experience and enjoyment. In each class you will gain and develop your practice safely and progressively, gaining strength and flexibility, awareness and confidence. Following this course, you will be able to join any Level 1-2 Iyengar Yoga class with self-assurance. It is an excellent opportunity to start learning Iyengar Yoga or return to your practice after a long absence.

Iyengar Foundation - Level 1-2

This class is designed to build a stronger foundation for the Iyengar Yoga practice. At this level, we work to build strength and stability in the classical standing, seated, and relaxation poses (asanas) as we introduce inversions and backbends. Students with previous injuries or limitations receive support and guidance to develop a strong, steady, and intelligent yoga practice. We recommend that you take 'Introduction to Iyengar' before taking this class.

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