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Red Diamond Yoga

Pricing and Packages

New Student Introductory Offer

$10 for 10 consecutive days of unlimited yoga!

Drop in

Drop in rates may be purchased at the time of booking, our prices are as follows:

  • $10 Noon and Community Classes in Studio only
  • $25 In Studio and Outdoor yoga classes
  • $35 Premium classes (Breathwork, Sound Healing, and Acupuncture)
  • $12 Livestream classes
Class Packages

Class packages offer a discount from the drop in rates based on the size of package you purchase. These are perfect for anyone who wishes to practice occasionally or up to twice a week. Full Access packages may be used for indoor, outdoor and livestream classes at any of our studios. We also offer Virtual Only packages that may be used exclusively for live streaming classes. Packages may not be used for special events or premium classes. Click on the link below to see the package options and purchase a package that meets your practice goals.

Full Access Packages 6-class package $132
* Valid for 3 months after the first visit
12-class package $216
* Valid for 6 months after the first visit

Virtual Only 8-class package $86
* Valid for 4 months after the first visit

Memberships offer the best value for anyone who practices 3 or more times per week on average. Your membership includes

  • Unlimited access at all studios and online.
  • Unlimited access to premium classes.
  • 15% discount on retail items (excluding the refill bar and food/beverage)
  • Special pricing for yoga workshops, retreats, and training programs.

Click on the link below to see all of the membership options.

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Monthly Unlimited Autopay membership

Auto pay membership will bill your credit card each month unless it is cancelled or suspended. This is the best membership for those who travel a lot and need the flexibility to put things on hold when they are gone. There is no minimum commitment. You may cancel or suspend at any time by notifying us via email 3 days prior to the next billing cycle. Suspensions may be done at anytime during the billing cycle and the remaining time will be applied when the suspension is lifted.

Full Access Autopay $130

Membership Bundles

Bundled memberships can be purchased for 3, 6, or 12 months. These are the best value for those who want the benefits and convenience of membership at the lowest possible price. These memberships cannot be cancelled or suspended.

3-month membership bundle $375

6-month membership bundle $720

12-month membership bundle $1344

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