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At Red Diamond Yoga our classes are primarily vinyasa flow, although we do draw inspiration from other styles of yoga and movement. In addition to our vinyasa classes, we offer fusion classes, specialty classes and also offer yin, however, we consider ourselves to be a vinyasa yoga studio.

Here are some of the variations of yoga that we offer:

  • Yoga Basics
  • Intermediate Flow
  • Strong Flow
  • Strong Flow and Fly
  • Power Fusion
  • Yoga Sculpt
  • Friday Night Flow
  • Yin Yoga with Massage
  • Yin/Yang Yoga
  • Community Class
  • Yogalates
  • Dynamic Deep Stretch
  • Workshops
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Kids Yoga
  • Free Yoga
  • Cardio Flow

To learn more about the different yoga types listed above, view our types of classes page.

There are many styles and variations of yoga other than vinyasa that are widely recognized. Some other popular styles of yoga are similar to vinyasa, but some are very different. We respect and honor every type of movement and spiritual practice for their own unique benefits. Here you can learn a little bit about other popular styles of yoga.

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