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We welcome yoga beginners at Red Diamond Yoga, and offer a level of quality, culture, and service that encourages success. Our beginner yoga classes are practiced at your own pace in our yoga studio and there is no sense of competition or judgment. We offer classes designed to give newcomers all the time and support they need to master the basics of Asana – the physical postures of yoga.

Our beginner yoga classes are conducted in a bright, clean, 4,000 square foot studio with 3 practice rooms, a comfortable lobby, men’s and women’s locker rooms, large bathrooms, showers and an inviting lounge area, and a retail boutique, where you can purchase quality yoga and lifestyle items. We maintain a clean and friendly environment for our clients – our air is always fresh and clean.

Our Yoga Classes

At Red Diamond Yoga, we take pride in the experience we provide for our clients. Compassion and sharing are a true priority in everything we do. If you need water, rest, or modification to the postures you are practicing, please take them. We honor and respect your unique needs.

Ours studio is not a hot yoga studio, we not add humidity or ever heat our rooms excessively We believe that heat should be generated from within to burn impurities and open the healing pathways. We warm our practice rooms to a comfortable 82 degrees with no added humidity to promote ease of movement.Comparatively hot yoga is practiced in over 100 degrees with added humidity limiting the amount of work that can be done. We believe the environment you practice in should be comfortable and promote movement, not limit it.

Yoga Basics For Beginners

It is well-established that there is more to life than the physical. While it is important that we care for our bodies and keep them strong, flexible and healthy, the practice of yoga reveals deeper layers of the self so that we can explore a more meaningful and mindful journey through life. Practicing yoga asana certainly develops strength and power physically but with that comes a greater sense of peace, harmony, and engagement with the world at large, as well as in our inner lives. Whether you are hoping to become stronger, lose weight, regain a higher degree of physical flexibility, or are struggling with the stresses of life and need relief from a busy or anxious mind, our instructors are here to help you achieve your goals.

Connect with us, or drop by our studio and experience a different kind of yoga studio for yourself. We are here to serve you and to share our knowledge of this wonderful practice with you.

Reasons To do Yoga

If you have never practiced yoga, you may not know the wide scope of benefits the practice provides. The benefits of yoga cover many physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. They include:

Stress relief

Yoga promotes and encourages relaxation by calming the central nervous system and lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol. In our busy daily lives we rarely have the opportunity to slow down and connect to our breath. This simple aspect of the yoga practice is profoundly beneficial for overall wellbeing and it is widely known that relief from stress has many physical and mental health benefits.

Strength and flexibility

Moving through the physical practice engages every muscle in the body and although it is ultimately up to each student to decide how much effort to put into their practice at Red Diamond Yoga we encourage students to push their limits. We teach how to effectively recruit specific muscles in each posture and in each transition in order to safely build awareness and strength in the whole body, from head to toe. Over time, the practice of yoga lengthens connective tissue, muscles and tendons, increases elasticity, improves flexibility, and increases range of motion.Each class is sequenced to be intelligent and well rounded creating an overall sense of wellbeing and freedom in the body.

Better posture

Practicing yoga Asanas helps improve physical body alignment. This results in better posture and helps relieve common problems with the back, neck, joints, and muscles.

Weight management

Even less vigorous yoga practice reduces stress and cortisol levels and burns calories, to aid your weight loss efforts.

Improved Digestion

Through the movement and breathwork involved in a yoga class the internal organs are gently massaged and stimulated helping to flush waste and promote nutrient absorption. As the lungs expand and contract during the breathwork and the torso rotates during twisting the students experience improved digestion, less bloating and a flatter stomach

Focus on the present

Yoga asana is designed to be challenging enough that it requires focus. Through this practice students notice improved concentration in their daily lives and helps practitioners become more aware and focused on the present. The measure of success of a yoga practice is not about how well students perform the asanas but on how much joy and happiness they discover in their daily lives. This is what people widely report after practicing yoga. A newfound sense of joy.

At Red Diamond Yoga we serve Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, and Culver City, and welcome clients at every level, from yoga beginners to seasoned yogis.

If you are a newcomer to yoga, we invite you to tour our studio with open arms where you will experience our high quality beginner yoga instruction and the authentic yoga experience we are committed to providing our students.

Beginner Yoga

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