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Hot yoga has become a popular form of exercise across North America. Regular practitioners of this type of yoga claim that performing yoga in a hot, humid environment provides a range of benefits in detoxification, and believe that heavy sweating from working in a heated room flushes toxins from the body, through the skin.

The Red Diamond Yoga Approach - Warm Yoga

At Red Diamond Yoga, we have a different approach. The authentic practice of yoga generates heat from within that opens the pathways to healing. Our approach involves having the perfect temperature for ultimate flexibility, a comfortable 82 degrees, without added humidity. Our instructors are highly-skilled experts, and dedicated to guiding you on a truly authentic hot yoga journey.

At Red Diamond Yoga in Los Angeles, we offer a range of yoga classes for every level of practitioner, from a new beginner to seasoned yogis. We pride ourselves on providing the full experience, as it should be, at our yoga classes, in a bright, clean 4,000 square foot facility, complete with amenities, that smells as fresh and clean as it looks. If you are a beginner, but interested in hot yoga, we recommended some of our classes for beginner yoga residents have come to love as a great starting platform. Hot yoga is a more vigorous form of yoga and easing into it may be a better course for beginners.

What Is Hot Yoga?

Simply stated, hot yoga is vigorous yoga practiced in a heated room. The studio is heated to a temperature of about 105° F (or 40° C), and humidity is increased to approximately 40%. As with other forms of yoga, hot yoga is practiced in different styles.

Bikram yoga, a popular style of practice, includes a set sequence of 26 yoga postures repeated twice, practiced in a room 105° F (or 40° C), and humidity is increased to approximately 40%.

Each posture in the Bikram hot yoga series combines strength, flexibility, and balance, to work the entire body. In combination with the heat and humidity of the room, practicing theses postures in high heat and humidity is believed to be helpful to the heart rate, for a more intense cardiovascular workout. Once again, we believe it is better to generate healing heat from within – not by turning up the heat and humidity in our studio. In fact, turning up the heat in the studio poses an incredible limitation on how hard you can work in class without overheating. We want you to get strong, to build endurance and to reach your potential. You can’t do that if the room is too hot.

At Red Diamond Yoga, we serve Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, and Culver City, providing a selection of well-rounded classes designed to leave you feeling balanced, open, connected, and calm.

Whether you are just beginning to learn the basics of yoga or have advanced to more strenuous practices, you will appreciate our culture and commitment to our clients, the authenticity and quality of our yoga classes, and the depth of experience we offer and share.

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