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Kids Yoga Summer Program (Ages 5-12)

June 10th - August 16th
Every Monday/Wednesday/Friday

$120 for Kids Yoga Summer Pass or $5 Drop-In

*Kids ages 13 and up may accompany a parent to the Midday Flow Class. Kids Yoga Summer rates will apply for the child.

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Yoga can be fun and very beneficial for children (especially when they’re allowed to bark while performing a downward dog). Kids’ yoga in Los Angeles may involve jumping, dancing, stretching, deep breathing, and games. They are designed to increase strength and flexibility, promote self-regulation, and build social skills and self-esteem.

Why Kids Can Benefit from Yoga

Children, as well as adults, are under stress in today’s society. They deal with peer pressure, overstimulation, temptations, and a multitude of distractions – more than any other generation has faced.

When children are introduced to yoga at an early age, it can help them learn healthy lifestyle habits and lay a foundation for a better, more active and mindful future. Yoga for kids can also have a positive impact on children’s lives in the present. It can help them to:

  • Build concentration
  • Manage stress through breathing, awareness, and healthy movement
  • Develop body awareness
  • Learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way
  • Become part of a positive, non-competitive, non-judgmental group
  • Not tune out with the attachment to electronic devices

What Your Child Can Expect to Learn in Yoga Class

In our kids’ yoga classes, children can expect to learn skills and techniques that will help them physically and mentally for the rest of their lives, including:

  • Strengthening and energizing: Yoga postures build strength and balance. Incorporating games and sequences promotes better coordination and body awareness. Strong bodies can support the stress of carrying heavy items, bending, stretching, and playing sports. Yoga can help a child digest food better, maintain a healthy weight, breathe better, work more efficiently, and provide better protection for fragile joints.
  • Awareness of breath: Breathing exercises can energize children or encourage relaxation. Games and techniques can be used to help kids connect to how deep breathing affects their bodies. Breathing techniques can increase focus and lung capacity, reduce stress naturally, and promote the release of healthy hormones.
  • Balancing: Balancing poses teach children to increase attention naturally by increasing focus – even those children who struggle with attention problems. Games and poses focused on balancing skills promote stillness of the mind and develop intrinsic strength, to help young people deal with the many stresses of living in a chaotic world.
  • Stretching and lengthening: Physical strength is important, but bodies also need flexibility for fluid motion and strength. Yoga poses stretch the muscles. Integrated breathing and movement cause the muscles to become warm and more flexible, so they can yield when they need to and provide better support tender joints.
  • Connecting, integrating, and flowing: Stringing yoga poses together gives children a sense of what it means to move with ease and helps build awareness that movement occurs through a coordinated effort of bones, muscles, joints, and nerves. Yoga poses help children isolate different muscle groups and understand their own bodies and how they function.

Red Diamond Yoga is a yoga studio that serves yogi kids in Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, and Culver City. We offer well-rounded, engaging classes designed to leave our youngest students feeling open, balanced, connected, and calm.

Our 4,000-foot facility is clean, bright, and comfortable, where children feel safe, engaged, respected, and cared for as a person. Take a tour of our studio to get a feel for our culture and the level of service we provide to the youngest generation.

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