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Fall 21 Day Challenge!

October 22nd - November 11th

Commit to your practice with our 21 Day Challenge October 22nd - November 11th

Challenge yourself to complete 21 classes in 21 Days! The journey is the reward but as an added bonus those who complete the challenge will be entered to win 1 MONTH UNLIMITED YOGA

No extra fee to sign up

Vegan “Cooking” Class and Yoga Class with Sheryl Utal and Carolina Rocha

Sunday October 28th



Come join our Raw Vegan “Cooking” Class and Yoga Class. We will start moving our bodies with an amazing yoga class and follow with a three course cooking class.

About the cooking class: We will start off with an appetizer, then move on to a main course and finish off with a dessert. There will be fresh herbs and fruit flavored waters and teas. We only use ORGANIC, superfoods and high quality ingredients all gluten free and SOY free.

The class will be lead by Carolina Rocha a chef, architect and certified health coach. Her journey towards health and wellness started when she was nine years old. Her passion for designing buildings and designing bodies started as a kid when her Italian parents embraced the kitchen as the holy space of her house. She has always seen food as a healing tool and our bodies as a reflection of our eating habits. She is a believer that we have the power to transmit good energy "agapi" (unconditional love) to our dishes by the intentions we put into our food. We are all made of energy and therefore we require the consumption of energy in the form of food, air and water as a substance of good health.

About the yoga class: Sheryl’s classes are always different but often include strong, dynamic and intelligently sequenced vinyasa flow to build heat, build strength, open pathways for healing, quiet the mind, and learn how to let go. Conscious breath work is always a key element in my teaching and her classes are designed to take students on an inner journey of self-awareness, focus and purification while creating balance in the body and the mind. Expect to sweat!

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Gong Alchemy Soundbath ™ with Jamie

Friday November 2nd



Join us for our very popular Gong Alchemy Soundbath™, a group soundbath experience in which Jamie plays a specific combination of gongs designed to offer a unique result (such as energize, relax, etc). She currently works with 18 different gong frequencies and uses her extensive knowledge of sound healing to put together gong and crystal bowl combinations that yield relatively consistent results. Jamie’s soundbath experiences are designed to guide listeners on a journey of self discovery and inner exploration. The sounds promote healing on all levels, deep relaxation and peace, expansion of consciousness, and open the body’s entire energetic system. In this event Jamie plays a combination of 3-5 gongs and 5-7 quartz crystal singing bowls while participants relax in a comfortable position and listen to the sounds. Most people leave feeling peaceful and relaxed. Please bring a mat, blanket, or anything else you may need need to be comfortable laying on the floor.

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