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Deep Stretch for Athletes with Laura King

Sunday July 1st



Calling all athletes! Feeling tight, sore, and generally restricted? Not sure how to remedy the sensations, or if your stretching routine fits your needs? Join Laura in a monthly workshop series designed specifically for the athlete’s body. Stretch, relax, and rejuvenate your body through long held supportive postures and Myofascial Release. Learn about the body, and how to balance your fitness routine with effective stretching techniques. This class will occur every first Sunday of the month with a different focus each time!

Featured this month- Deep Stretch for Runners
This month’s class will center on calibrating the runner’s body, with a heavy focus on the lower body. Tight hammies? Sore quads? This one’s for you!

Gong Alchemy Soundbath ™ with Jamie

Friday July 6th



Join us for our very popular Gong Alchemy Soundbath™, a group soundbath experience in which Jamie plays a specific combination of gongs designed to offer a unique result (such as energize, relax, etc). She currently works with 18 different gong frequencies and uses her extensive knowledge of sound healing to put together gong and crystal bowl combinations that yield relatively consistent results. Jamie’s soundbath experiences are designed to guide listeners on a journey of self discovery and inner exploration. The sounds promote healing on all levels, deep relaxation and peace, expansion of consciousness, and open the body’s entire energetic system. In this event Jamie plays a combination of 3-5 gongs and 5-7 quartz crystal singing bowls while participants relax in a comfortable position and listen to the sounds. Most people leave feeling peaceful and relaxed. Please bring a mat, blanket, or anything else you may need need to be comfortable laying on the floor.

Become an Entrepreneur FREE WORKSHOP with Red Diamond Yoga Studio Owners Arlene and Sheryl Utal

Sunday July 15th


If you dream of having your own successful business and financial freedom but don’t know where to start this workshop is for you. The founders of Red Diamond Yoga are excited to share with you their keys to success, the main reasons why business fail and how to avoid those mistakes.

This free workshop will breakdown the basic steps of making your dream a reality.

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