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Special Events

Yoga Workshops & Yoga Events

Reach New Heights - An inversion workshop with Drinie Aguilar

Saturday August 26th


Yoga Workshops & Yoga Events

Breathwork Soundlab™ with Jamie Bechtold (Jamie Ford) and Robert Lee

Saturday August 12th


Yoga Workshops & Yoga Events

Shoulder Opening Yoga & Acupuncture Workshop with Ahnjel Ali

Saturday September 17th


Mini Series

Foundations of Yoga


September 17th, September 14th, October 1st, October 8th


Are you curious about yoga but don’t know where to start? If you have been intimidated or aren’t sure if yoga is right for you, this series is designed to teach you the principles of yoga philosophy, studio etiquette and will break down the basics of a yoga class. Students will be given information and knowledge about developing a yoga practice in a safe and supportive environment while progressing to a full yoga class during the last session.

Yoga for Runners

Coming soon!

From tight hip flexors and hamstrings to achy knees and low back pain, running can take a toll on the body. This series is designed to educated runners on their anatomy and will include specific yoga inspired postures that can be incorporated into training routines. In this series students will learn how to alleviate chronic tension from repetitive motion, cultivate balance and flexibility so they can feel good, stay injury-free and running for years to come.

Yoga for Back Pain and Therapeutics

Coming soon!

If you ever groaned "Ouch, my back hurts," you're not alone. Experts say 8/10 people will experience some type of back pain in lives. If you are currently saying this, don't let it keep you from your yoga mat. Join Kim for a 4 week Yoga and Back pain series that will help educate you on causes of back pain and ways to prevent back pain through yoga therapy. This series will focus on common muscle groups that are culprits of back pain, educating you how to engage, strengthen and releases/stretch the appropriate areas through yoga postures. More importantly you will learn correct yogic breathing techniques in your practice that will help promote relaxation in the body and relieve muscle tension that may be causing that back pain. This series will include a combination of restorative postures and gentle movement sequences that hopefully will help you find relief from your back pain and/or prevent you from future back injuries and leave you feeling confident to join other mainstream yoga classes.

Beach Body Series


June 3rd, June 10th, June 17th, June 24th


This series is designed to teach you the most effective movements to sculpt the beach body of your dreams so that you can develop a home fitness routine. Whether you are a long time yogi or are new to the practice these classes are for everyone. You will learn how to isolate and engage the muscles of your core, booty, arms and legs. Look your best, feel even better with this confidence boosting series.

Yoga For Cyclists

Coming soon!

How to Meditate & Why

Coming soon!

Yoga for Athletes

Coming soon!

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